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Through the years, Randy has designed and completed many unique and interesting projects around the country and around the house.
Following are a few...


  barr and groninger architects in breckenridge, colorado








 after-hours work

the groninger home in breckenridge, colorado (moved, designed, constructed)

The Church of God at Doe Run in Doe Run, Missouri for retired pastor Gary Hall

residential design studies:

pensacola garden center design study

  carlankilliam consulting group in pensacola, florida
escambia county courthouse addition in pensacola, florida

(rendering only - design by others)

structures, landscaping,
and other fun things around the house

design and construction

our branch office

secret garden hammock arbor

  built into the corner of the "secret garden" fence
  fence constructed from original "mudroom" metal roofing and posts
  lattice top for wisteria vines and other plantings

 secret garden gate

  cap cantilevers on each side of two supports
  swinging gate with "garden view" opening
  bamboo wind chimes hang from each side

the shop - sliding door
before..........................................................................and after

shadow (the dog) house

  sleek "a-frame" design with contemporary entry
  dog wind chimes included on the cantilevered roof ridge
  metal roof matches the "secret garden" fence

shadow containment barbeque chimney roof

  designed to keep shadow in the yard (and off the barbeque chimney)
  matches shadow's house



jude's west garden entry

   cap cantilevers on each side of two supports

moon flower vines climb supports

gazing ball stand

&  driftwood found on fort pickens beach
  spikes provide "tripod" support
  ivy from port royal, pennsylvania home

groninger architecture studio

  where the work gets done



the secret garden

  designed for fun, rest, and relaxation
  new metal privacy fence is the old "mudroom" roof
  fence posts from the old chicken coop
  many fun things hidden throughout

  before.....................and......................... after



    Groninger Architecture, Inc.  in Bagdad, Florida 8 February 2001-present 

    Other work experience available upon request 1981-2001 

     University of Southwestern Louisiana  in Lafayette, Louisiana                Adjunct Professor 1994-1995
  • Received one of two Outstanding Faculty Awards within the Architectural department as voted on by the students. This was truly one of the highlights of my career!
  • Taught architectural students computer basics as applied to the profession.

     Pennsylvania State University  in State College, Pennsylvania                  Grad Student 1988-1990
  • Thesis Topic: CADD Utilization by Architecture Firms: Factors Associated with Integration in the Architectural Design Process.
  • Research included a survey of notable and randomly selected architectural firms around the country by investigating CADD utilization in the design process.


     Pennsylvania State University                                     Master of Science in Architecture May 1991
     University of Southwestern Louisiana                        Bachelor of Architecture May 1981


  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture: 1994, The University of Southwestern Louisiana
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Architecture: 1993, 1994, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Graduate Assistant, Department of Architecture: 1988 - 1990, The Pennsylvania State University


     University of Southwestern Louisiana

      Responsible for development and teaching of the following courses:

  • Arch 382: CAD Theory in Architecture - Macintosh-based design programs
  • Arch 383: CADD Practice in Architecture - AutoCAD and MS-DOS based CADD applications

      Additional responsibilities include:

  • Development and maintenance of an eleven station PC CADD lab
  • Assisting with the development and maintenance of a twenty station Macintosh lab

     Pennsylvania State University

      Responsible for development and teaching of the following courses:

  • Arch 497: AutoCAD Training Seminar - Seminar developed for fifth-year students
  • Arch 381: Computer Applications in Design - HOK CADD and Vax/VMS-based applications
  • Arch 482: Advanced Architectural Data Systems - Pella Window and Door competition
  • Arch 481: Advanced Architectural Data Systems - Armstrong Ceiling Design competition


- when creativity knew no constraints...

le' arc de new orleans - 5th year architecture thesis project at USL


roca linda resort on a cliff in mexico - 5th year architecture project at USL


      Thank you for taking the time to review my work